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FAQ: Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

Here at Magic Toyota, drivers often ask our technicians the same question: Why Is My Check Engine Light On? There are several reasons your check engine light can turn on, and most of the time there is an emissions issue that needs to be addressed. Stop worrying about the light, and visit our service center to get the problem fixed.

Indicators of a Check Engine Light Being On

Wondering Why Is My Check Engine Light On? Sometimes the oxygen sensor is to blame. The oxygen sensors—usually a vehicle has between two and four—measure how much fuel is burned in the engine, and a faulty sensor can both increase emissions and reduce fuel efficiency, which is why our team recommends that you take immediate action if the check engine light turns on. Another problem that may cause the check engine light to come on is a faulty gas cap. If you have a damaged gas cap, fuel vapors can leak out of your vehicle, which causes problems in the fuel system, once again leading to poor gas mileage and higher emissions.

A more serious problem may involve the catalytic converter, which is the component that reduces the emission of carbon monoxide. If your catalytic converter is malfunctioning, fuel efficiency drops and you may have problems with acceleration. Additional reasons may involve the mass airflow sensor or failing spark plugs.

We Can Tell You Why Your Check Engine Light Is On

Drivers are often tempted to ignore the check engine light, but here at Magic Toyota, we encourage our clients to be diligent when their vehicles need servicing. Ignoring the problem now may lead to greater problems down the road, and normally when the check engine light turns on, your car is achieving suboptimal gas mileage, which means the longer you wait, the more money you unnecessarily waste at the gas station. Why Is My Check Engine Light On? Bring us your vehicle and we can diagnose the problem and offer the most economical and effective solution. Then you can get back on the road and back to your normal routine.

Visit us today and we can fix the problem, so you can stop worrying. For more information, please give us a call at 866-858-1515, or come visit our automotive center at 21300 Highway 99, Edmonds, WA 98026. Here at Magic Toyota, we offer friendly customer service and expert automotive advice. Get in touch today.

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