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2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett

2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett at Magic Toyota



2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett

The 2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett is set to help revolutionize the alternative fuel movement with its highly engineered hydrogen fueled engine and rigorously tested and stylish design. The 2016 Toyota Mirai is unlike most of the vehicles on the road and it set itself apart with ease thanks to its unique design and amenities.

2016 Toyota Mirai Power

Under the hood of the 2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett you’ll find an engine that differs from most vehicles on the road today. While hybrid vehicles still utilize a gas powered engine to fuel the electric engines in some capacity, the Mirai removes gas from the fuel equation entirely with its hydrogen fuel tanks. These carbon fiber reinforced fuel tanks are specifically designed to safely deliver hydrogen to your engine. Air is then collected from the front of the vehicle and delivered with the hydrogen to the fuel cells where chemical reactions take place and create electricity. Then the process is complete and the energy collected is used to power the 2016 Mirai wherever it needs to go, the only byproduct from this fuel source is water, which is expelled from the rear like normal exhaust.

Features of the 2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett

Within the 2016 Toyota Mirai for Sale near Everett you’ll find a multitude of safety and tech features that are specifically designed to not only keep you safe but also help prevent you from experiencing impacts and accidents. The 2016 Mirai is outfitted with the STAR safety system from Toyota which is made up by five safety systems. STAR features enhanced vehicle stability control, traction controls, 4-wheel ABS, brake assist, smart stop technology and electronic brakeforce distribution. These all work in conjunction to give an added layer of support and control to the driver when on the road. You’ll also be surrounded by eight distinct SRS airbags that are ready to cushion your impact if an accident occurs. The Mirai is even outfitted with the pre-collision system which gives you an alert using sensors to detect if a vehicle ahead is approaching too fast and automatically applies the brakes to help bring you to a safe stop or lessen the speed as needed.

We’re excited to bring you the best that Toyota has to offer and the 2016 Mirai is on the cutting edge of fuel alternative vehicles hitting the road in 2016. If you’d like to learn more about the Mirai or what other offers Toyota has to offer give us a call at 866-858-1515. We’ll happy to assist you and help you figure out the next new vehicle you should purchase.

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