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Why Work at Magic Toyota?

Here at Magic Toyota, we’re looking for candidates who are open-minded. The automotive industry is a quickly changing one, with fast-paced trends and a desire to constantly improve and stand out above the rest. With our automotive employment opportunities in the greater Seattle area, we need people who have a fresh outlook and those who view that constant change as an opportunity. Strong initiative and positivity is a must in this industry, whether you’re looking for opportunities in the field of sales, operations, or even service positions.

It isn’t just a job at Magic Toyota, it’s a way of life. We need free-thinkers who are open to new ideas and adapting to new trends and methods to help the whole team. We heavily encourage and recommend workplace cooperation with our automotive employment opportunities in the greater Seattle area: sometimes the best new idea is the one you think of with others.

With automotive jobs in the greater Seattle area here at Magic Toyota, you’re in an environment where you’re always learning new things, and we want candidates who understand that improvement is not only constant, but something to be strived for every day.

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"I feel like I am home. Upon returning after several years for medical reasons I was welcomed with open arms"

"I enjoy working for Magic, because I feel like I'm part of a family. I feel like a person and not just an employee number"

"When my car broke down and my primary transportation to and from work and for my family was in jeopardy, management worked to help me out with a loaner vehicle and helped me with a convenient way to pay for services to fix my vehicle. What could have certainly derailed my day to day operations was saved by the caring folks at Magic.... I wasn't just an employee in need, I was family in need"

"I’ve worked at Magic for the past 10 years because there is room to grow, learn, and exceed. I’ve never felt more valued as an employee than I do working here."

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